The Crawford/Otsego Youth Mentor Mission is a one year, one-to-one mentor matching program between a caring and supportive adult and local foster youth. Matches are same-gender and made based upon location, skills, and common interests. The Mentor Mission Program envisions every youth being able to experience nuturing, one-to-one relationships and community support, to in turn allow each to develop to their fullest potential as informed, responsible and successful adults.

Are you interested in becoming a foster youth mentor? 

Apply to become a mentor by filling out the application below or by calling/emailing to request an application be sent to you.



 A Good Mentor...

is a willing and active listener

is encouraging and supportive 

is patient and flexible

is tolerant and respectful of individual and cultural differences




 Mentor Requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • reside in the Crawford or Otsego County area
  • make a one year commitment to the mentoring program
  • spend a minimum of four hours per month face-to-face with mentee
  • attend and complete the required mentor trainings
  • submit to a mandatory criminal background check
  • agree and adhere to program policies and procedures


After filling out the mentor volunteer form above, click the submit button. After you submit your form, the Mentor Program Coordinator will contact you with additional information and steps to take to become a Foster Youth Mentor. These steps will include:

1.) Submitting the Mentor Volunteer form or telephone inquiry

2.) Recieve the Crawford/Otsego Mentor Mission and Volunteer packet, fill out the required forms and return with copies of your current drivers license and auto insurance to the Mentor Program Coordinator.

3.) The Mentor Program Coordinator will conduct the necessary background checks and verify the three personal references.

4.) The Mentor Program Coordinator will then contact you for a private, face to face interview for screening and placement purposes.

5.) Complete the required mentor training. The Mentor Program Coordinator will contact you with dates and times of the training.

Are you interested in


There are many volunteer opportunities available to people who just can't make the long-term commitment to become a foster youth mentor...  


  • Volunteer to educate and train the foster youth and MYOI members about important life skills at a youth meeting 

Do you have knowledge about budgeting, credit, and finances? Nutrition, meal preparation, or household maintenance and laundry care? Well, you are just the right volunteer to teach these skills to our youth!


  • Volunteer and provide a need-specific resource for the youth members.

Provide direction, advice, and/or services when in need, such as providing reliable auto repair, a haircut before a job interview, or even assistance in filling out Financial Aid and Scholarship paper work.


  • Provide intern and/or volunteer oppportunities for the foster youth and MYOI members to learn and obtain job skills and experience

Often foster youth have not had the opportunity to learn from parents or other adults about job skills and careers of interest, nor have they had the inside connections to experience such. Can you provide a youth with an opportunity to job shadow? How about a volunteer job or internship at your place of business? 



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