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MYOI (Michigan Youth Opportunities Innitiative)
MYOI is an effort to support youth who have been touched by abuse, neglect and/or other familial crisis. The goals of this initiative are:
-Encourage and support a successful, healthy transition to adult life.
-Offer needed resources and provide needed skills to assist in the transition to independent (interdependent) living.
-Provide insight and momentum in enhancing our social service system to further meet the needs of families and young people.
-To connect young people to safe, nurturing relationships that will encourage growth to their fullest potential.
-To draw from the resources that young people possess to serve our community.

The Opportunity Passport TM is the centerpiece of the initiative's work. Designed to organize resources and create opportunities for young people leaving foster care (and/or transitioning into adult life), the Opportunity Passport TM is a promising new tool with three related components:

-A personal debit account to be used to pay for short-term expenses.

-A matched saving account, also known as an Individual Development Account (IDA), to be used for specific assets, such as education expenses and housing down payments/deposits.

-Door Openers, a host of opportunities to be developed on a local basis. Examples include pre-approval for registration for community college, expedited access to job-training, or adult education courses. Door openers are both social oriented and community sponsored to help youth prepare for a successful transition to independence.

A Youth is eligible for the Opportunity Passport if:

-Current age is 14 through 21st birthday

-Foster Care, adoption, or kinship placement after the 14th birthday because of abuse and/or neglect

-Current residence is in Crawford or Otsego County

The Opportunity Passport TM Improves a youth's understanding of financial matters and demonstrates the positive impact of planned saving for both the short and long term. To enroll, each youth completes a financial literacy class and commits to a realistic savings plan.


MYOI Foster Youth Monthly Meetings

Organized and directed by an all-youth board of directors, the MYOI foster youth group meets on a monthly basis. Members address issues relevant to foster and adoptive youth and are presented with opportunities to learn fundamental life-skills necessary to successfully transition to adulthood and independence. Youth are provided the opportunity to learn from guest speakers, connect with community members and resources via volunteer activities, and collectively identify and advocate for the needs of youth aging out of the system.


CC/OC Youth Mentor Mission

The Crawford County/Otsego County Youth Mentor Mission program will establish connections for foster youth that nurture their strengths and skill while encouraging the development of relationships with supportive and committed adults. The Mentor mission envisions every foster youth being able to experience nurturing one-to-one relationships and community support which in turn will allow each youth to develop to their fullest potential, capable of making informed and responsible decisions as involved members of our communitiy.

The CC/OC Youth Mentor mission is a one-to-one mentor match between a foster youth and an adult for the length of (no less than) one calendar year.


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Olen Henke, Otsego County DHS - henkeo@michigan.gov







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